Business in the Cloud: Taking the forefront in times of Crisis.
Amidst uncertainties, technology has always played a leading role in disseminating & accelerating business strategies in every level. Cloud computing has emerged more than ever as an essential backbone to a lot of sectors including e-comm, retail, gaming, online streaming, pharma etc. New models are being created to fulfil the unprecedented demand for cloud infrastructure. This session intends to cover:
  • Cloud infrastructure at forefront - hosting e-comm, gaming, streaming services etc. in addition to own applications.
  • Coping up the sudden surge due to shift in remote work, increase in Traffic & soaring demands.
  • New hybrid systems to lighten load (Public & Private Cloud)
  • Delivering customer satisfaction in such times.
  • Ensuring Data Security & Privacy.
Peter Selfridge Global Head of Digital Government, SAP
Harmeen Mehta Global Chief Information Officer, Airtel
Ramkumar Narayanan VP, Technology & Managing Site Director, VMWARE
Joe Weinman Author, Keynote Speaker, Analyst
Bharat Patel VP - Global Technology & Head of India Operations, Nasdaq
Date: 7th May, 2020
Time: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM IST

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